Aluminum Metal Core Pcb

Product Details

Product description

1) Product Type:  Aluminum metal core pcb

2) Finished Board Thickness: 0.4mm to 0.4mm

3) Thickness Tolerance: +/-10%

4) Min.Track Width: 0.2mm(8mils)

5) Min.SMD pad pitch: 0.2mm(8mils)

6) Subtrate Core Thickness: 0.4mm,0.6mm 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm,3.2mm

7) Aluminum Maching: Drilling,Tapping,Milling,Routing

8) Max.working voltage: 2.5K VDC(0.75mm Dielectric) 3.75K VDC(0.15mm Dielectric)

9) Solder mask color: White,LED light special White,Black,MATT Black,others Available


Structure of Aluminum metal core pcb

In general, the structure of the aluminum metal core pcb is a copper layer, a dielectric layer and an aluminum core (also referred to as an aluminum base, an aluminum substrate or an aluminum core MCPCB layer).

Below is an example: structure of 1 layer Aluminum metal core pcb

Advantages of Aluminum metal core PCB

1) Aluminum metal core PCBs are used longer than single-sided boards. Because the extra metal core helps to dissipate heat faster.

2) Aluminum metal core PCB has an additional conductor layer. You can add more tracks. These tracks will help connect the components on both sides. By freeing up space, designers can do a lot of experimentation.


Applications of Aluminum metal Core PCB

Custom-sized aluminum metal core PCB has many applications, such as, LED lighting, Line reactor, industrial control, Regulatory Authority, power supply, converter.


Information about our company

XingDa is a Leading PCB manufacturer in China. It was found in 2013, serving customers in over 40 countries from various electronic industries, over 70% of products are exported to America, Europe and other Asia Pacific countries.

Our factories with a facility area of more than 20,000 square meters with 500 professional staff, and we have got the approval of  ISO9001 certificates. UL Certification and all Products Meet RoHS compliance. 

Our certificate

We acquired ISO9001:2015,UL and RoHS approval for further development. Until now, we have bulit up good reputation among domestic and foreign customers, and our business extends far into Europe, Ameria, Russia and the Middle East etc. Every year, we join in different electronics exhibitions as products promotion such as Moscow Crocup fair, Germany fair, and Italy fair etc.

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