Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards

Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards
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Xindaxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of printed circuit boards. The products are widely used in communication networks, calculators, consumer electronics and various 3C electronic products. The company has cultivated an experienced management team to pass the world. First-class customer cooperation, actively grasp the market trend, continuously improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. At the same time, using advanced technology and technology to create a smart factory that is efficient, rational, automated and unmanned.


The advantage of Aluminum PCB board:

1. The PCB aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation operation in the circuit design scheme;

2. PCB aluminum substrate can reduce temperature, improve product power density and reliability, and extend product life;

3. PCB aluminum substrate can reduce the size and reduce hardware and assembly costs;

4. PCB aluminum substrate can replace ceramic substrate for better mechanical endurance.

Our service:

1. Circuit board production

Single-sided, double-panel samples and mass production

2.PCB production, copy board

Provide PCB board production and physical copying

3. Patch delivery

Complete automation equipment with aluminum substrate production

4.PCBA processing

The entire assembly line saves costs and shortens the production cycle


Why choose us?

We take care of every detail

Quality assurance

Complete quality management process, 100% quality assurance

2. Delivery guarantee

Expedited delivery guarantee, customer demand mission must reach

3. Technical support

Professional engineers collaborate with customers, design development and technical consulting

4. Quick response

All-weather online intelligent customer service response, manual customer service timely response

5. One stop service

Design, manufacture, patch, all orders are satisfied


1. What is the maximum thickness of the aluminum substrate that you can achieve?

AUsually we can do 0.4mm----- 3.0mm. But if you have special requirement, don’t hesitate to let us know.


2. What freight do you have?

A: Usually we have DHL, Fedex, USP, TNT. If you have own forwarder, please kindly let us know.


3. How can we guarantee you receive an good quality product?

For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc. for it.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test.Before that, our inspectors will use microscope and X-ray to check the IC footwelding or bad solder etc.


Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-18098922617

Skype: xingdapcbsales1



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