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LED applications are very broad. Can be used for lighting as well as planting (bonsai, fruits and vegetables).


The wavelength and effect of LED grow light:

1. The color temperature and lumen of the plant lamp

The color temperature and lumen of plant lights are seen from the human eye, while the photosynthesis of plants on light does not look at color temperature and lumens.

2. The effect of spectral range on plant physiology

280-315mm: minimal impact on morphology and physiological processes

315-400mm: less chlorophyll absorption, affecting photoperiod effect and preventing stem elongation

400-520mm: Chlorophyll and carotenoids have the highest absorption ratio and have the greatest impact on photosynthesis.

520-610mm: the absorption rate of pigment is not high

610-720mm: Low chlorophyll absorption rate has a significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiod effects.

720-1000mm: low absorption rate, stimulate cell elongation, affect flowering and seed germination

>1000mm, converted into heat

It can be seen from the above data that the effects of different wavelengths of light on plant photosynthesis are different.


1.PCB Production Service.(FR-4,HI-TG,Aluminum,FPC,TEFLON,CEM-1 )
2.PCB Assembly Service. (SMT, BGA, DIP)
3.PCBA Housing assembly serivce.

4.Professional engineers team for PCB Layout, PCB Design.

5.Electronic Finished Products Assembly.

6.Material, Components Sourcing for customers at VAT cost.

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