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Founded in 2011, XingDa Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has rich experience in PCB manufacturing. Backed by our advanced techniques and experienced production staff, XD makes sure that all the layers in the multilayer PCB are perfect insulated between each other and every conductor pattern functions well. The R&D team in XD does a wonderful job and we can provide PCB products to our customers according to their design or requirements. All our products, including PCB, are passed the certification of SGS, TS, ROHS and UL.


Introduction to layers of aluminium PCB

1. Aluminum PCB circuit layer

A circuit layer (commonly used electrolytic copper foil) is etched to form a printed circuit. Compared to FR4 materials, aluminum PCBs can withstand higher currents at the same thick circuit layer and the same trace width.

2. Aluminum PCB insulation / dielectric layer

The insulating layer is the core technology of aluminum PCB, which mainly plays the role of adhesion, insulation and heat conduction.

The better the thermal conductivity of the insulation, the faster the heat dissipation during operation of the component, and the purpose of improving the module power load, reducing the volume, extending the life, and improving the output power.

XD has extensive experience in manufacturing aluminum PCBs with high thermal conductivity.

3. Aluminum PCB metal base layer

In general, aluminum is an ideal choice considering cost and technical characteristics. Available aluminum sheets are 6061, 5052, 1060 and the like.

If there is higher heat transfer performance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and other special performance requirements, copper, stainless steel, iron, silicon steel, etc. can also be used.

Specifications of PCB with aluminum foil

Product Type: Al PCB 1 layer~2 layer

Aluminum Machining: Drilling,Tapping,Milling,Routing, Die-Punching,break-off tab available

Min. Finish hole size: 0.25mm

Max.working voltage: 2.5kVDC(0.075mm Dielectric), 3.75kVDC (0.15mm Dielectric)

Surface Finishing: HASL, HASL Leadfree, Immersion gold, Flash gold, OSP

Soldermask color: White, Black, others Available

Legend color: Black, White, others Available

Etest: YES

Rohs: YES

Reference Standard: IPC-A-600G Class 2

Special holes: Spot facing, Cup holes

Data Input: Gerbers, AutoCad, Cam350, PROTEL 99SE,PROTEL DXP, POWER PCB,ODB+.(TGZ)

Our production process

All our products, whether sample or mass production, are carried out in accordance with strict production processes.


How to make aluminum PCB with foil?

A thin conductive but electrically insulating dielectric is laminated between the metal substrate and the aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is etched into the desired circuit pattern, and the metal substrate draws heat away from the circuit through a thin dielectric.


Advantages of aluminum PCB with foil

 The heat dissipation is significantly better than the standard FR-4 structure.

 The dielectric used is usually 5 to 10 times the thermal conductivity of conventional epoxy glass, one tenth of the thickness

 The heat transfer index is more efficient than conventional rigid PCBs.

 A lower copper weight than the copper shown in the IPC recommendation chart can be used.



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