PCB/FPC/PCBA HDI Copper Aluminium Multilayer

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Shenzhen Xindaxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and processing of high-precision double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards. The company's high-precision circuit boards are widely used in computers and peripheral equipment, communication products, household appliances, instrumentation, industrial equipment, automotive, microelectronics, LCD and LED, etc., mainly exported to Russia, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, etc. Ground.

Our advantages:

First, the product application field is wide, to meet your various needs
Widely used in industrial control, power energy, medical, automotive, security, computer, consumer electronics, national defense, transportation, science and education research and development, automotive, aerospace and other high-tech fields.
Second, excellent leading process capability
Third, rigorous quality control system to effectively protect product performance
In accordance with IPC standards, the quality of finished product shipments is strictly controlled.
Fourth, the delivery service is guaranteed on time.
Respond to quotation requirements within 30 minutes, 24-hour comprehensive marketing service
24-hour PCB expert technical support, all-weather production operation

Cost Effective HDI:
While some consumer products shrink down in size, quality remains the most important factor for the consumer second to price. Using HDI technology during design, it is possible to reduce an 8 layer through-hole PCB to a 4 layer HDI microvia technology packed PCB. The wiring capabilities of a well-designed HDI 4 layer PCB can achieve the same or better functions as that of a standard 8 layer PCB.
Although the microvia process increases the cost of the HDI PCB, the proper design and reduction in layer count reduces cost in material square inches and layer count more significantly.

Building Non-Conventional HDI Boards:
Successful manufacturing of HDI PCBs requires special equipment and processes such as laser drills, plugging, laser direct imaging and sequential lamination cycles. HDI boards have thinner lines, tighter spacing and tighter annular ring, and use thinner specialty materials. In order to successfully produce this type of board, it requires additional time and a significant investment in manufacturing processes and equipment.


1. If we want to visit your factory, could you pick me up?

A: Yes. We can. Please let us know your information advance.

2. What is your test policy? How do you control quality?
For samples, it is usually tested by flying probes; for PCBs over 3 square meters, it is usually tested by fixtures, which will be faster. Since PCB production has many steps, we usually check it after each step.

3. Could you only offer us SMT? We will offer you all components?

A: Sorry. We can't. We offer you 2 services: PCB and PCBA one-stop service(PCB+Purchase components+ Assembly)

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