1w Thermal Conductivity Tin Aluminum Printed Circuit Board For Led Tube

Product Details


Xing DA Electric offers 1w thermal conductivity tin aluminum printed circuit board for led tube here. As one of the leading 1w thermal conductivity tin aluminum printed circuit board for led tube manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also provides customized service, OEM and ODM service. Welcome to contact us for details.

Aluminium Tech Specification:


Type of Alum board

single board, Insulation board, double sided board

Finish Board Thickness

0.4mm----- 3.0mm

Copper Thickness

1 OZ--6 OZ

Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing


Biggest size


Type for surface treatment

OSP.HASL, Immersion Gold ,Immersion Tin (lead free)



Thickness of Ni


Thickness of Au


Thickness of  tin


Thickness of immersion silver


Thermal conductivity

1.0W -----3.0W

Dielectric Thickness


Thermal resistance

0.05℃/W -1.7℃/W

Minimum completed hole dimension


Tolerance for Hole Diameter


Minimum Drilling Hole Diameter


Mask between pins


Minimum spacing between Pad and Pad


Outline tolerance


Industry advantages:
Design proposal
- A professional NPI team that provides manufacturability design recommendations and testability design recommendations to customers to increase the maturity of their product designs, increase the efficiency of mass production and reduce manufacturing costs.

2. Competitive prices
- World level management level, Chinese style price.

3. Fast response and on time delivery
- The project task force is designed for all customers and quickly reflects all customer needs;
- Adequate capacity, 100% on time delivery;

Service area:
1.SMT patch
With 10 years of manufacturing technology precipitation, exquisite workmanship, skilled, focus on a variety of high-end electronics and other products patch processing, fast delivery, cost-effective, quality assurance.
2.PCBA OEM Substitutes
With a strong supply chain system, it reduces the supplier management cost, capital inventory cost and material management cost for customers, and provides one-stop service for customers.
3. Finished product assembly
With advanced production equipment, professional technical management team, and complete quality management system, we provide customers with one-stop diversified services.

Xinda Characteristic:

Special procedures are: reflow soldering, wave soldering, manual soldering
Key control points: welding quality, testing process
Product control points: appearance, performance (withstand voltage test when needed, aging), functional test
Quality control of the production process: according to quality control engineering drawings
PCBA inspection standard complies with: IPC -A-610D III PCBA General Appearance Inspection Standard

Contact below:
mobile phone:+86-18098922617
Skype: xingdapcbsales1
Email: sales1@xdpcba.com 
Website:  www.xdpcba.com 



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