2 Layers Motor Panel PCB with High Resistance Carbon Oil/0.15mm

2 Layers Motor Panel PCB with High Resistance Carbon Oil/0.15mm
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Product Details
DA Electric, one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings you high-tech 2 layers motor panel pcb with high resistance carbon oil/0.15mm at competitive price from its professional factory. With the most advanced technology and high-end equipment introduced from America and Japan, as well as qualified staff, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and long lifespan of our products.
Basic Info

  • Dielectric: FR-4

  • Flame Retardant Properties: V0

  • Processing Technology: Delay Pressure Foil

  • Special Process1: High Resistance Carbon Oil

  • Special Process3: RoHS PCB

  • Specification: ROHS

  • Type: Rigid Circuit Board

  • Material: Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Mechanical Rigid: Rigid

  • Base Material: Copper

  • Model: PCB

  • Certificate: UL,RoHS

  • Special Process2: High-Performance PCB

Product Description

Name:  PCB
1. Layers: 2
2. Board Thickness: 0.15mm
3. Material: FR-4
4. Base Copper: 1oz(All Layers)
5. Min.Line Width/Spacing:0.254/0.254mm
6. Min.Hole:0.40mm
7. Legends: White
8. Solder mask: Green
9. Finishing: ENIG+Carbon

                                                                         Lead Time
            Item1-10pcs  Sample   Mass Production  Quick Turn    Remark
Single-Side3-5Working Days6-7Working Days1 Working Days         /
Double-Side5-7Working Days7-9Working Days2 Working Days         /
Multilayer PCB7-9Working Days10-12Working Days3-5 Working Days         /
*The delivery time is calculated by the completion of the EQ.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
-Layer: 1-20
-Material: FR4 Laminate RoHS Compliance/High TG/Halogen Free/Aluminum Base
-PCB Thickness: 0.4-6.0mm
-Max Board Sice:580x1200mm
-Final Copper: 0.5-7oz
-Min.Hole Size : 0.1mm
-Min Line Width/Spacing: 3/3mil(0.075/0.075mm)
-Hole Size Tolerance (PTH): +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
-Hole Size Tolerance (NPTH): +/ -2mil (0.05mm)
-Hole Location Telerance: +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
-Min Hole Copper: 20µm
-Soldermasks: Green/Blue/Red/Black/Yellow/White
-Legend: White/Black/Yellow/Green
-Surface Treatment: OSP/HAL Lead-Free/Immersion Gold/immersion Tin/
-Immersion Silver/Flash gold/Hard gold
-Profile Finish: Routing/Punching/V-Cut
-E-Test: 100% E-Test With Flying Prob or E-Test Fixture
-Outgoing Reports: Final Inspection, E-Test, Solderability Test, Microsection and so on.
-PCB Packing: Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag
             Outer packing: Standard carton packing
PCBA Capabilities:
-Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology
-ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.
- PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval
- Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.
- High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line
-High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.
-Processing Capacity:1,000,000 components Per day

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