99AI2O3 Silver Ink Satellites Beryllium Oxide Crockery Printed Circuit Board

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Ceramic PCBs are usually made up of metal cores. For high thermal conductivity, aluminum nitride boards are ideal, providing greater than 150 w/mK. Since aluminum nitride boards are expensive, however, those opting for less expensive ceramic PCBs may find themselves with aluminum oxide boards, which offer about 18-36 w/mK. Both types will provide better thermal performance than metal core printed circuit boards, because there is no need for an electric layer between the core and the circuits.

Industries that need higher-frequency connections and good heat resistance can benefit from ceramic PCBs. Top industries that ceramic PCBs can serve include:



Medical devices

Heavy machinery

Comparison between ceramic and other Material:


Our advantages:

1. All products have passed the following certifications
Quality Assurance
1.1, the quality of the product meets the US UL, China CQC standard
1.2, the product passed ISO9001 registration certification
1.3, raw material procurement, processing technology is in line with RoHS
2. Focus on the circuit board industry for 10 years
Experienced and trustworthy
2.1, Xinda is an industry circuit board manufacturer
2.2, has a group of high-quality production R & D team and professional management personnel to provide you with better service
3. Large scale of production, monthly output is up to 50000m2
Quality delivery is guaranteed
3.1, with advanced production equipment and testing technology, automatic sinking gold line, automatic sinking copper line, fully automatic plating line, fully automated CNC drilling machine and other automatic production lines
3.2. The monthly production capacity reaches 50,000 m2.
4. The same quality products are Hengcheng and more affordable
More cost effective
4.1, through the massive procurement and mass production to reduce costs and give greater benefits to customers.
4.2, let you enjoy the price lower than the same industry, higher than the quality of the same industry.


1. How is your company's capacity for per month?

A: It is 50000m2.

2. Do your board get Rohs certification?

A: Yes. We have Rohs certification for a long time.

3. Could you help us custom enclosure?

A: Yes. We can. We have rich experienced in custom house.

4. Do you do the smt or outsourcing?

A: We have our own PCBA factory. So we do smt by ourselves. 

Contact below:
mobile phone:+86-18098922617
Skype: xingdapcbsales1
Email: sales1@xdpcba.com 
Website:  www.xdpcba.com 


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