AI2O3 99.6% Ag Paste Voltage Regulation System Ceramic PCB Boards

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Specifications of Ceramic PCB Boards:


Ceramic PCB Boards



FR-4, FR1,FR2; CEM-1, CEM-3,Rogers, Teflon,Arlon,Aluminum

Base, Copper Base,Ceramic, Crockery, etc.



Copper Thickness

1/2 oz min; 12oz max

Min spacing between hole edge to circuitry


pattern of an inner layer


Min spacing between board outline to circuitry


pattern of an inner layer




The main advantage:

Different from the traditional fr-4 (wave fiber), ceramic materials have good high-frequency performance and electrical performance, as well as high thermal conductivity, chemical stability and thermal stability, which are not available in organic substrates. They are ideal packaging materials for new generation of large-scale integrated circuits and power electronic modules.

1. Higher thermal conductivity

2. More suitable thermal expansion coefficient

3. Metal film layer with stronger and lower resistance

Alumina ceramic circuit board

Alumina ceramic circuit board

4. Good solderability of substrate and high service temperature

5. Good insulation

6. Low loss at high frequency 

7. High density assembly

8. No organic ingredients, resistant to cosmic rays, high reliability in aerospace, long service life

9. Copper layer does not contain oxidation layer, can be used in reducing atmosphere for a long time

Ceramic PCB application:

1. The military and aerospace technology

2. Solar-panel arrays;

3. Telecommunication private branch exchange and receiving system

4. Industrial electronics

5. Laser;

Ceramic PCB parameters:

1. Max compression strength: >7,000 N/cm2

2. Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm): 15/20/28 for 0.25mm/0.63mm/1.0mm respectively

3. Thermal expansion conefficient(ppm/K): 7.4 (under 50~200C)

Our advantage:

1.10 years experience in exporting service
2. PCB is no MOQ/MOV.
3. PCB is high quality.Strict through the AOI(Automated Optical Inspection),QA/QC,flying test ,E testing 

Production Process:


Production capacity:

production capacity: 35000 m2/month

Double-side boards

Multi-layer boards


3-5 days

5-7 days

New order

7-9 days

8-11 days

Repeat order

5-7 days

7-9 days

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