AI2O3 99.6% Ag Paste Voltage Regulation System Ceramic PCB Boards

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What Xinda provide is not only ceramic PCB, FR4 pcb & flexible PCB manufacturing, but also including flex-rigid PCB, aluminum PCB. If any inquiry, don't hesitate to let us know.

Ceramic PCB application:

1. The military and aerospace technology

2. Solar-panel arrays;

3. Telecommunication private branch exchange and receiving system

4. Industrial electronics

5. Laser;

Ceramic PCB parameters:

1. Max compression strength: >7,000 N/cm2

2. Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm): 15/20/28 for 0.25mm/0.63mm/1.0mm respectively

3. Thermal expansion conefficient(ppm/K): 7.4 (under 50~200C)

Our advantage:

1.10 years experience in exporting service
2. PCB is no MOQ/MOV.
3. PCB is high quality.Strict through the AOI(Automated Optical Inspection),QA/QC,flying test ,E testing 

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mobile phone:+86-15919935669
Skype: xingdapcbsales10