AI2O3 Silver Paste Helicopters Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Circuit Board PCB

AI2O3 Silver Paste Helicopters Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Circuit Board PCB
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XD provides two technologies to attach the substrate with the copper. DBC (direct bond copper) – a high temperature melting and diffusion process where the pure copper is bonded onto the ceramic and AMB (active metal brazing) – a high temperature process where the pure copper is brazed onto the ceramic substrate.

The high heat conductivity as well as the high heat capacity and thermal spreading of the thick copper cladding makes XD substrates indispensable to power electronics. The mechanical stress on silicon chips mounted directly on the substrate (Chip on Board) is very low, since the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the ceramic substrate is better matched to the CTE of silicon compared to substrates using a metal or a plastic basis.

XD substrates are produced in a master card format of 5“x7“ and 5,5“x7,5“. The individual parts can be left in the master card format to support more efficient assembly and mounting of components before being separated into individual pieces. We also offer single pieces for single piece assembly.


· Great heat conductivity and temperature resistance

· High insolation voltage

· High heat spread

· Adjusted expansion coefficient enables chip on board

· Efficient processing of master cards


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