AI2O3 Silver Thread Television Ceramic Substrates PCB Board

AI2O3 Silver Thread Television Ceramic Substrates PCB Board
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When you are looking for substrates for electronic circuits with a high thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient (CTE), ceramic PCB will be your preferred choice of material. Today ceramics are already widely used as substrates in many microelectronic components and power LED packages and more and more they are replacing entire printed circuit boards reducing complexity in design and manufacturing while increasing performance. Examples are Chip-on-board (COB) modules, High power circuits, proximity sensors, battery drivers for EVs …

Ceramics advantages over other printed circuit boards:

· Higher operating temperature up to 350ºC

· Lower expansion coefficient

· Good thermal properties

· Superior high frequency performance

· Lower system cost: reduces test, insertion, assembly

· Smaller package size due to integration

· Cost effective for dense package due to parallel processing of layers

· Hermetic packages possible, 0% water absorption

Thanks to its dielectric and thermal conductive characteristics, components can be placed directly on ceramic boards allowing heat to flow through easier compared to FR4 and metal core boards. Furthermore, since (buried) vias are possible, multilayer boards can also be made making ceramic PCBs a true alternative for FR4/CEM3 and metal core PCBs.
For a full comparison with FR4/CEM3 and metal core boards, we refer to the table below.

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