Alumina Substrates Silver Paste Oscilloscope Pottery Printed Circuit Board

Alumina Substrates Silver Paste Oscilloscope Pottery Printed Circuit Board
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XingDa PCB offers pottery/ceramic printed circuit boards for your PCB needs. Many users of printed circuit boards find ceramic boards have an advantage over traditional boards made of other materials. This is because they provide suitable substrates for electronic circuits that have a high thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient (CTE). The multilayer ceramic PCB is extremely versatile and can replace a complete traditional printed circuit board with a less complex design and increased performance. You can use them for high-power circuits, chip-on-board modules, proximity sensors and more.

Besides its enviable thermal properties and expansion coefficient, ceramic boards work at operating temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius, create a smaller package size, offer better high-frequency performance and can come in hermetic packages for no water absorption.

Using ceramic PCBs can also result in a lower overall system cost and be especially cost-effective for dense packages, since you have parallel processing of layers.

Pottery Printed Circuit Board Capability:

Why Ceramic PCB has such excellent performance?

96% or 98% Alumina (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN), or Beryllium Oxide (BeO)
Conductors material: For thin, thick film technology, it'll be silver palladium (AgPd), gold pllladium (AuPd); For DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) it'll be copper only
Application temp: -55~850C
Thermal conductivity value: 24W~28W/m-K (Al2O3); 150W~240W/m-K for AIN , 220~250W/m-K for BeO;
Max compression strength: >7,000 N/cm2
Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm): 15/20/28 for 0.25mm/0.63mm/1.0mm respectively
Thermal expansion conefficient(ppm/K): 7.4 (under 50~200C)

Application of Ceramic PCB

high-accuracy clock oscillator, voltage controlled oscillator (VCXO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs);
Semiconductor cooler;
electric power electronic control module;
high insulation & high pressure device;
high temperature (up to 800C)
high power LED
High Power semiconductor modules
solid state relay (SSR)
DC-DC module power sources
electric power transmitter modules
Solar-panel arrays

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SMT Capacity

SMT Item


PCB Max. size


Chip component

1206 0805 0603 0402 0201 package space of IC


Min. space of BGA


Max.precision of IC assembly


Assembly capacity

≥8 million piots/day

DIP capacity

6 DIP production lines

Assembly testing

Bridge test,AOI test, X-Ray test, ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT

(Functional Circuit Test)

FCT(Functional Circuit Test)

Current test, voltage test, high temperature and low

temperature test, Drop Impact Test,aging test,

water proof test,leakage-proof test and etc.

Different test can be done according to your requirement.

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