Aluminium Cree Led PCB,Led PCB 94v 0 (ISO9001/TS16949/ROHS )

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Aluminum based PCB, also named Aluminium PCB, metal clad (MCPCB) PCB, insulated metal substrate(IMS or IMPCB) PCB, thermally conductive PCBs, etc. It is generally including single layer, double layer and multi layer.

Operating theory:
The power device surface mounting on circuit layer, it is ideally suited for the mounting of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) easily dissipating the heat generated by power devices.Aluminum base PCB used:

1. Audio devices: input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier.etc.
2. Power Supply: Switching Regulator,DC / AC converter,SW regulator.
3. Telecommunications electronic equipment: high-frequency electric amplifiers ,Filtering appliance ,Transmitter circuit,etc.
4. Office automation equipment: Electric motor, drives.etc
5. Automotive: Electronic regulator, Ignition, Power Controllers.etc
6. Computer: CPU board ,Floppy drive ,Power Device.etc
7. Power Modules:Converter, solid-state relay ,Power Rectifier bridges,etc
8. Lamps Lighting: with the promotion of energy-saving lamps, Aluminum base PCB , used on LED lights ,begin large-scale application.

Who we are?

Our company is an OEM manufacturer that focus on PCB&PCBA manufacturing over 10 years. We have the capability to manufacture PCBA ranging from simple sided boards up to multilayer board, and provide one stop turnkey services, including PCB, purchasing components , assembly and so on.

Our service:

1. Fast and one-stop service

2. Accept clone, OEM service

3. PCB+ components+ assembly



1.Are my design files secure when I send them to you?

Your files are never shared nor will any third parties have access to your design files. Since they are your property, we respect the copyright of your files. The customer controls the disposition of these files per your requirements and written approval.

2. What are the pptions for surface finishes?

The options include HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver,OSP , and HASL lead free. Call for other options.

3. What file formats do you accept for PCB assembly?

Gerber file is better.

CAM Auto CAD DXF, DWG formats.

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