Carbon Oil Pcb

Carbon Oil Pcb
Product Details

1. The Range of Application

1) Carbon ink pcb is widely used in many products such as potentiometer, automotive air conditioning door sensors, automotive wipers, automotive dimmers and resistance type controllers.

2)  3D rocker, potentiometer and guitar, PS2, X-BOX game console handles;

3) electric drilling device , drilling tools and so on

2. The Main Technical Parameter for Carbon ink PCB

Handle PCB( PS2,  XBOX, etc)

Main technical parameter:

Rang of total resistance: 1 KΩ -1 MΩ

Resistance tolerance:±20%

Resistance to heat:260℃ ±5℃, 5sec. △TR≤±50%

Durability:1 Million cycles Min


Automobile component (Used for: windscreen wiper. Light and air-condition)

Main technical parameter:3 KΩ -1 MΩ

Resistance taper:Linear

Resistance tolerance:±20%

Linearity tolerance:±1%

Durability:1 Million cycles Min

TCR:With ±1000 PPM (-30℃ — +70℃)


3. Some pictures of Carbon oil PCB


4. The Production Process

PCB high-carbon printing, processing substrate specifications are as follows:

According to the substrate thickness classification:

1.1, FR-1: T=0.4, T=1.0, T=1.2, T=1.6

1.2, FR-4: T=0.2, T=0.4, T=0.6, T=0.8, T=1.0, T=1.2, T=1.6

1.3, CEM-1: T=1.6

1.4, CEM-3: T=1.6

Special introduction of manufacturing process

1) Our company's PCB high resistance carbon oil  printing materials: carbon paint, silver paint, insulating paint, ink, peelable plastic, etc are imported materials with expensive price, and material cost is the most important cost.

2)PCB printing insulation paint, silver paint, carbon paint, ink, peelable adhesive need to go through 170°C~230°C, after high-temperature sintering and curing, the film is polymerized, and high-temperature ovens and tunnel furnaces are high-power devices (50KW~60KW).


5. Production of common equipment

 6.Production of common equipment.jpg

Our products are widely applied in Telecom, Medical, Automotive and Consumer Electronics and so on. Global clients are satisfied with our Reliable Quality, Competitive Prices, On-time delivery, and Good Service. With XD, you enjoy efficiency, effectiveness and reassuring service

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