Fixed Carbon Film Resistor for PCB

Fixed Carbon Film Resistor for PCB
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Product Details

Carbon Resistors are the most common type of Composition Resistors. Carbon resistors are a cheap general purpose resistor used in electrical and electronic circuits. Their resistive element is manufactured from a mixture of finely ground carbon dust or graphite (similar to pencil lead) and a non-conducting ceramic (clay) powder to bind it all together.

carbon composite types of resistor

Carbon Resistor

The ratio of carbon dust to ceramic (conductor to insulator) determines the overall resistive value of the mixture and the higher the ratio of carbon, the lower the overall resistance. The mixture is moulded into a cylindrical shape with metal wires or leads are attached to each end to provide the electrical connection as shown, before being coated with an outer insulating material and colour coded markings to denote its resistive value.

Carbon Resistor

carbon resistor type

The Carbon Composite Resistor is a low to medium type power resistor which has a low inductance making them ideal for high frequency applications but they can also suffer from noise and stability when hot. Carbon composite resistors are generally prefixed with a “CR” notation (eg, CR10kΩ ) and are available in E6 ( ± 20% tolerance (accuracy) ), E12 ( ± 10% tolerance) and E24 ( ± 5% tolerance) packages with power ratings from 0.250 or 1/4 of a Watt up to 5 Watts.

Carbon composite resistor types are very cheap to make and are therefore commonly used in electrical circuits. However, due to their manufacturing process carbon type resistors have very large tolerances so for more precision and high value resistances, film type resistors are used instead.

Basic Info

  • Function for Resistance: Protective Resistor

  • Material: Carbon Film Resistor

  • Type: Photoresistor

  • Product Name: Fixed Carbon Film Resistor for PCB

  • Environmental Certification: ISO14000

  • Power Rating: 1/6W-2W

  • Specification: ISO14000, ISO9001: 2008

  • HS Code: 8533219000

  • Resistance: Fixed Resistor

  • Installation: DIP Resistor

  • Packaging: Throught Hole

  • Quantity: Single Connection

  • Quality Certification: ISO9001: 2008

  • Tolerance: 5%,10%

Product Description

Specifications of ceramic wire wound resistor
1. Heat and flame resistant
2. Completely insulated character suitable for printed circuit board
3. Carbon film resistors have many kinds of types.
4. Performances are stable
5. ROHS certification.
6. Resistance tolerance: ± 5%, ± 10%, ± 2%

1. Special lead length(H) on request
2. Special registance on request
3. Flameproof type also available

terminal strength  no dange ΔRmax ±0.3% or 0.5
 soldering  good thing no dange ΔRmax ±0.5% or 0.5
 temperature cycling  ΔRmax ±0.5%
 vibration  no dange ΔRmax ±0.5% or 0.5
 moisture resistance   ΔRmax ±3% 
load life   ΔRmax ±2.5%  
 temperature coefficient
 dielectric strength  2×work.volt no breakdown ΔRmax ±0.5%
 insulation resistance min10
 short time overload    ΔRmax ±0.5%  
 resistance to solvents  no dange 

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