Carbon Ink PCB

Carbon Ink PCB
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We are professional PCB/PCBA company in shenzhen. Long time ago, we produces carbon PCB, from one-layer to multilayers board, from simple specification to complex specification, which meet different industries need. In addition, we also provide FP4, Ceramic and aluminum boards.

Carbon PCB Technical parameters:

Resistance range: 1KΩ to 3MΩ

Resistance tolerance: ±10% (inclusive) or more;

Linearity: within ±3~5%;

Durability: 20-100 million times

Our PCB capacity:


FPC:1 to 6 Layers, Rigid Flex: 2 to 10 Layers

Regular Base Materials

Kapton,Polyimide(PI), Polyester(PET),

Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 8oz

Regular Base Material Thickness

12.5um to 50um(FPC)


0.1mm to 3.2mm(Rigid)

Regular Coverlay Thickness

27um to 50um

Regular Adhesive Thickness

12um to 25um

Carbon PCB application:

At present, it is mainly used for potentiometer, automotive air conditioning door sensors, automotive wipers, automotive dimmers and resistance type controllers.

Our company advantage:

1. High quality and quick service is our long-term target for custom. We are strictly control the product quality and provide customers good and quick service,please do not hesitate to contact us if has any question.

2. Well-trained and experienced salesman or engineering can answer all your inquires with fluent English, Russian,Spanish,etc.

3. Quick and fast lead time:

4. For samples:



For Mass production:



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