High Quality Multilayer Carbon PCB Manufacturer in China

High Quality Multilayer Carbon PCB Manufacturer in China
Product Details

Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

· Smallest drill size of 0.1mm (~4mil)

· 1 to 38 layers

· Rigid (standard FR4), Flex, Aluminum backed.

· FR4*, Rogers, Duriod, Polyimide, CEM1,3, etc.

· PCB Fabrication thickness starting at 8mil for Rigid and 0.2mm for Flex.

· 0.4 ounce to 4 ounce copper

· Minimum Trace / Space of 3mil.

· Finishes include; immersion Gold, Silver, Tin, Lead free HASL and OSP.

· Board finish colors; Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, White.

Carbon Conductive Inks Features and Benefits

Excellent definition due to optimized Rheology
Excellent adhesive strength and mechanical stability
Resistant during HASL
High chemical resistance
Protecting during plating processes by peelable solder mask

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Foreign sales:Rainbow
Email: sales5@xdpcba.com

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