High Resistance Carbon Ink PCB

High Resistance Carbon Ink PCB
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With the rapid development of the electronics industry, conductive carbon ink PCB printed boards have been gradually used in electrical appliances and multi-function meters. Such as televisions, telephones, keyboards, game consoles, video recorders, etc. Its new technology and new functions continue to be developed and utilized, more industries, such as computer keyboards, micro-recorders and electronic measuring devices have also started to use conductive carbon-oil printed boards.

Carbon elements must resist soldering or HAL.
Insulations or Carbon widths may not reduce below 75 % of the nominal value.
Sometimes a peel able mask is necessary to protect against used fluxes.

Our Carbon Ink PCB show:


4 layers high resistance carbon ink PCB  

2 layers high resistance carbon ink PCB  

1 layer high resistance carbon ink PCB

Graphite in carbon ink does not have moving features of silver, so it can take account for signal transmission media. Except adherence and warpage of graphite and laminate, carbon ink PCB manufacturing has no special requirements. Due to graphite’s good wear resistance, it is widely used to replace gold plating and subsequent jumper wire functions. The load current of carbon ink PCB is designed very low, so we commonly use 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm laminates. Carbon ink PCBs are widely applied in various calculators, remote controls and other equipment.


How we control quality?

--We focus on high quality products, therefore we pay attention to the whole manufacturing process, such as analyzing PCB files, confirming production file with customers and IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) on key station in avoidance of defective products being passed to next station.

Our factory has advanced and automatic carbon ink PCB production equipments, so the carbon ink PCB fabrication capabilities and efficiency are highly enhanced and your PCB board assembly could be well performed.


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