FR4 Rechargeable Electric Drill Carbon Ink PCB

FR4 Rechargeable Electric Drill Carbon Ink PCB
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Product Details

We are a leading manufacturer of fr4 rechargeable drill carbon ink pcb with 10 years experience, specialized in single-sided, 2-layerd, multilayer and high density interconnector (HDI) PCB. We take strict Japanese-pattern management, so please trust us with your orders!

The scope of application of our products

Our PCBs are used for auto industry, high power led, Office Appliance, electric toy, machinery, industrial lighting and so on.

The main technical parameters
1) material: FR4
2) the resistance value range: 10 & Omega; ~ 1M & Omega;
3) the law of resistance: linear
4) resistance value tolerance: ±5% -±20%
5) linear tolerance: ±0.5% - ±3%
6) durability: 200,000 or 1 million times level
7) resistance temperature coefficient:±1500PPM

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Specification of our products

2.Copper thickness-1oz
3.Finish board thickness-1.6mm
4.Solder Mask- Green
5.Silkscreen - White
6.Surface finish- HASL

Our equipments

Please send us your Gerber Files and PCB specifications; we will quote for you within 12 hours.