FR4 Automobile High Resistance Carbon Oil PCB

FR4 Automobile High Resistance Carbon Oil PCB
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Using carbon ink in place of hard gold is an option that offers lower costs and high robustness. According to XD, using carbon ink reduces material costs by replacing gold with carbon, and reduces process costs by “replacing the electrolytic bath with a simple screen-printing process.” And regarding robustness, “Tests have shown that a typical carbon ink is hard enough to withstand >1 million pushbutton operations (keypad) or 100 insertion operations ... (edge connector) without showing wear or increased resistance.” 

  • Specification:
    Layer count: 2
    Material: FR4 ,TG130, 1.6mm, 1 OZ  for all layer
    Minimum track: 8mil
    Minimum space(gap): 8mil
    Minimum hole: 0.40mm
    Surface finished: OSP + carbon ink
    Panel size: 360*150mm/1up
    Characteristics: carbon ink printed circuit board.


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