Conditioner Carbon PCB Board PCB Assembly

Conditioner Carbon PCB Board PCB Assembly
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We are professional PCB/PCBA company. We provide different kinds of PCB/PCBA.

1. Carbon oil PCB

2. Ceramic/pottery/crockery PCB

3. High impedance control PCB

4.FR4 pcb and so on

Carbon PCB technical parameters:

Resistance range: 1kΩ~1MΩ;

Resistance tolerance: ±10% (inclusive) or more;

Linearity: Within ±2 to 5%;

Resistance Type: Linear

Durability: 200,000 - 100 million times.

Temperature coefficient: ±800PPM (-40°C+85°C)

Carbon PCB application:

Automobile air-conditioner throttle controller

Car Seat Adjustment Controller

Car mirror adjustment controller

and son on

Our Advantage:

1.We use international certification brand board material: Grade A material.We never use under C level material. So we can guarantee your quality.

2. 100%committed to high quality production service at competitive pricing

3. Fully automatic PCB advanced equipment.
4.AOI optical scanning + testing, quality assurance.

5. On-time delivery production
6. Quick turn prototype service:12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours.


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