FR4 Curve Sawing Carbon Ink PCB

FR4 Curve Sawing Carbon Ink PCB
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Conductive ink for PCB design is basically a type of ink that contains an infusion of conductive materials like copper, silver or gold. Conductive ink printing allows PCBs to be created in an additive manner, with the dielectrics created before the layer of conductive ink is added on. This is very different from the conventional method of PCB manufacturing in which copper layers are etched away in a subtractive process.

Carbon inks are lubricious, providing low friction and excellent thermal stability. They are also chemically inert, with low reactivity to solvents and other chemicals. 

Carbon ink can be used for keyboard contacts, LCD contacts and jumpers.  The printing is performed with conductive carbon ink.

·  Carbon elements must resist soldering or HAL.

· Insulations or Carbon widths may not reduce below 75 % of the nominal value.

· Sometimes a peel able mask is necessary to protect against used fluxes.


Power tool accessories

Usage Description:Used for electric drill speed adjustment

Resistance range: 1KΩ to 3MΩ

Resistance tolerance: ±10% (inclusive) or more;

Durability: 20-100 million times

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