FR4 Polishing Machine Equipment Carbon Ink PCB

FR4 Polishing Machine Equipment Carbon Ink PCB
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Product Details

XD Electronics as a service-leading PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly manufacturer, strives to support international small-medium business with 10 years engineering experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services. Your FR4 Polishing Machine Equipment Carbon Ink PCB demand will be perfectly handled by our professional production line and responsible work team.

Application of our Carbon Ink PCB

Our Carbon Ink PCB are mainly used for automotive parts, power tool accessories and gamepads, etc.

The main technical parameters
1. Resistance range: 1KΩ to 3MΩ
 2. Resistance tolerance: ±10% (inclusive) or more;
 3. Linearity: within ±3~5%;
 4. Durability: 20-100 million times

Our related products

Specification of our products

1.Material: FR-4
2.Copper thickness: 1oz
3.Finish board thickness: 1.6mm
4.Solder Mask: Green
5.Silkscreen: White
6.Surface finish:HASL

Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing Process

Our equipment

Please send us your Gerber Files and PCB specifications; we will quote for you within 12 hours. Welcome to contact us for details.