Automotive Air Conditioning Servo Motor Carbon Circuit Board

Automotive Air Conditioning Servo Motor Carbon Circuit Board
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We are professional PCB/PCBA manufacturer and we have our own PCBA factory.We not only provide Automotive Air Conditioning Servo Motor BGA Carbon Circuit Board, but also provide other carbon PCB, such as autp parts carbon PCB,power tool accessories carbon PCB,etc.

Carbon oil PCB technical parameters:

Resistance range: 1kΩ~1MΩ;

Resistance tolerance: ±10% (inclusive) or more;

Linearity: Within ±2 to 5%;

Resistance Type: Linear

Durability: 200,000 - 100 million times.

Temperature coefficient: ±800PPM (-40°C+85°C)

Carbon oil PCB Application:

air conditioners

seat adjustments

rearview mirrors

wipers, etc.

Our service:

1. High quality with competitive price

2. Comprehensive variety products and services: provide one stop PCB&PCBA service.

3. High accuracy and complexity:1-20 layers, thick-copper PCBs available.

4. Fast delivery time(with a week, we keep enough safety stock to supply quickly)

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