FR4 Percussion Drill Carbon Ink PCB

FR4 Percussion Drill Carbon Ink PCB
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Carbon ink PCB:The resistance of carbon in can be normal as 100 ohms, 500 ohm, or as high as to 10,000~500,000 ohms;Carbon ink: Process used for applications that require repeated physical stresses such as keyboards, keypads or even edge connectors. Carbon ink is desirable over gold for several reasons. Carbon costs less than gold plus the gold process requires an electrolytic bath which is more expensive to maintain than carbon ink’s simple screen print process. Tests have also shown that carbon ink is very durable. It can easily able to endure greater than 1 million button presses and edge connectors can undergo 100 insertions at 75g of force without showing wear. Using a standard print of less than 15mm (0.60”), carbon does not have any appreciable increase in loop resistance of the closed circuit. 

Base Materials

FR-4, FR-1, FR-2, CEM-1, CEM-3

Material Thickness 0.1mm ~ 3.2mm

Carbon Pattern Resistance

Contact 1 (On Copper): Max. 100 Ω / Contact

Contact 2 (On Bakelite): Max. 1k Ω / Contact

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