FR4 Sensor Carbon Ink PCB

FR4 Sensor Carbon Ink PCB
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Carbon ink PCB: Carbon ink is typically used to create a protective contact surface for switches.  It's typically much more cost effective than the typical alternative, which is hard electroplated gold. But the carbon inks must have good viscosity stability for warmer climates and require good printing properties to give even coverage over the copper pads.

The Application and Technical Parameters of Carbon PCB:


1. 3D rocker, potentiometer and guitar, PS2, X-BOX game console handles

   PCB printing is mainly used for potentiometer.

2. At present, it is mainly used for potentiometer, automotive air conditioning door sensors, automotive wipers, automotive dimmers and resistance type controllers.

3. Electric tools

The main technical parameters

1, the resistance value range: 10 & Omega; ~ 1M & Omega;

2, the law of resistance: linear

3, resistance value tolerance: ±5% -±20%

4, linear tolerance: ±0.5% - ±3%

5, durability: 200,000 or 1 million times level

6, resistance temperature coefficient:±1500PPM

8, material: FR1/FR4/CEM-1/CEM-3


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