FR4 Auto Parts Carbon Ink Circuit Board

FR4 Auto Parts Carbon Ink Circuit Board
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Carbon ink is typically used to create a protective contact surface for switches.  It's typically much more cost effective than the typical alternative, which is hard electroplated gold.  However, since it is a screened on ink, finding a capable supplier can be difficult. 

Applications for Carbon Ink PCBs

Other uses for carbon ink are to create surface resistors and slider switches for potentiometers. These require even more skill to screen since the definition of the feature directly impacts the performance of the board.

Specification of carbon PCB:

Base Materials

FR-4, FR-1, FR-2, CEM-1, CEM-3

Material Thickness 0.1mm ~ 3.2mm

Carbon Pattern Resistance

Contact 1 (On Copper): Max. 100 Ω / Contact

Contact 2 (On Bakelite): Max. 1k Ω / Contact

Min. Pattern Width / Space Copper Pattern Width: 0.18 / 0.18 mm

Copper Pattern Space: 0.5 / 0.5 mm

Insulation Resistance Between Cu-Jumpers


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