Air Conditioner Remote Controller electronic device Carbon Circuit Board

Air Conditioner Remote Controller electronic device Carbon Circuit Board
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Handle PCB

Main technical parameter:

Rang of total resistance:

1 KΩ -1 MΩ

Resistance tolerance:


Resistance to heat:

260℃ ±5℃, 5sec. △TR≤±50%


1 Million cycles Min

Automobile component

Main technical parameter:

3 KΩ -1 MΩ

Resistance taper:


Resistance tolerance:


Linearity tolerance:



1 Million cycles Min


With ±1000 PPM (-30℃ — +70℃)

Electric drill component

Main technical parameter:

3 KΩ -3 MΩ

Resistance tolerance:


Linearity tolerance:



1 Million cycles Min

Printing carbon oil production capacity:
Let's take a look at the production capacity of India Carbon Oil.

1. Carbon oil gap: Because of the good conductivity of carbon oil, the carbon oil on the finished board needs a certain gap to ensure no short circuit, usually requiring a minimum of 8 mil gap (HOZ bottom copper) and 12 mil gap ( 1-3OZ bottom copper), if the production of film can increase the gap, try to increase the gap of the finished product to ensure that there is no short circuit.

2. Minimum alignment tolerance of carbon oil: +/- 6mil

3. Size of carbon oil window and gap with copper PATTERN: Considering factors such as alignment tolerance and oil seepage, carbon oil is 6 mil (HOZ copper) and 8 mil (1-3 OZ copper) on one side of copper PAD. Do not expose copper. Correspondingly, the distance between the carbon window and the surrounding copper PATTERN also needs to be 6 mils (HOZ copper) and 8 mil (1-3OZ copper) to avoid the carbon oil covering the surrounding copper PATTERN, thus avoiding short circuits.

4. Carbon oil thickness: once screen printing carbon oil thickness: 0.3-1.0mil, once screen printing carbon oil thickness tolerance: +/-0.3mil; if the carbon oil thickness is more than 1.0mil, the second printing carbon oil is required. The second time, the carbon thickness of the printed ink is 1.0-2.0 mil, and the thickness tolerance is +/- 0.4 mil. The second printing carbon film is 3 mil smaller than the first screen printing carbon film, so two sets of tools are required on MI.

One-stop  OEM ODM  PCB/PCBA manufacturer :
We are professional manufacturer in  various Ceramic PCB/PCBA and Carbon PCB/PCBA with 9 years experience, we can provide a reasonable price with high quality products.

13 空调遥控器1201.png

SMT Capacity

SMT Item


PCB Max. size


Chip component

1206 0805 0603 0402 0201 package space of IC


Min. space of BGA


Max.precision of IC assembly


Assembly capacity

≥8 million piots/day

DIP capacity

6 DIP production lines

Assembly testing

Bridge test,AOI test, X-Ray test, ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT (Functional Circuit Test)

FCT(Functional Circuit Test)

Current test, voltage test, high temperature and low
temperature test, Drop Impact Test,aging test, water proof test,leakage-proof test and etc. 

Different test can be done according to your requirement.


1.What specifications do you need for PCB quotation?

A:Please send us your PCB Gerber file,board thickness,copper thickness,surface finishing, solder mask, silkscreenand quantity to quote you.

2. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrival?

A: Usuallt we ship by DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT. It takes 3-5 days to arrive.

3.Can I print my brand logo on the chargers?

A: Sure, OEM is available. Lazer printing and silk printing can be offered

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mobile phone:+86-18098922617
Skype: xingdapcbsales1


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