CEM-1 External keyboard PCB Carbon circuit board

CEM-1 External keyboard PCB Carbon circuit board
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CEM-1 External keyboard PCB Carbon circuit board

The main technical parameters:

       1, the resistance value range: 10 & Omega; ~ 1M & Omega;
2, the law of resistance: linear
3, resistance value tolerance: ±5% -±20%
4, linear tolerance: ±0.5% - ±3%
5, durability: 200,000 or 1 million times level
6, resistance temperature coefficient:±1500PPM
8, material: FR1/FR4/CEM-1/CEM-3

 Special introduction of manufacturing process
1. Our company's PCB high resistance carbon printing materials: carbon paint, silver paint, insulating paint, ink, peelable plastic, etc are imported materials with expensive price, and material cost is the most important cost.
2. PCB printing insulation paint, silver paint, carbon paint, ink, peelable adhesive need to go through 170°C~230°C, after high-temperature sintering and curing, the film is polymerized, and high-temperature ovens and tunnel furnaces are high-power devices (50KW~60KW).

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We are professional manufacturer in  various Ceramic PCB/PCBA and Carbon PCB/PCBA with 9 years experience, we can provide a reasonable price with high quality products.

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