CEM-1 Notebook Keyboard Carbon Oil PCB

CEM-1 Notebook Keyboard Carbon Oil PCB
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Carbon ink can be used for keyboard contacts, LCD contacts and jumpers.  The printing is performed with conductive carbon ink.

·  Carbon elements must resist soldering or HAL.

· Insulations or Carbon widths may not reduce below 75 % of the nominal value.

· Sometimes a peel able mask is necessary to protect against used fluxes.

The main technical parameters of Carbon oil PCB

1, the resistance value range: 10 & Omega; ~ 1M & Omega;

2, the law of resistance: linear

3, resistance value tolerance: ±5% -±20%

4, linear tolerance: ±0.5% - ±3%

5, durability: 200,000 or 1 million times level

6, resistance temperature coefficient:±1500PPM

8, material: FR1/FR4/CEM-1/CEM-3

There are varify character of carbon oil 

 For Key products (keyboard type, remote control carbon board, etc.) 

Resistance Range: 0 ohms - 1K Europe


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