CEM-1 Universal TV Remote Control Carbon Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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Quick specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

odel Number:PCBA-186

Copper Thickness:1oz

Min. Hole Size:0.20mm

Min. Line Spacing:3 Mil (0.075 mm)


Tolerance of Impedence Control:5%

PCB standard:IPC-A-610 D

Certification:ISO-9001,ISO-10041,UL, ROHS

Base Material:FR4

Board Thickness:1.6mm

Min. Line Width:3mil

Surface Finishing:Immersion Gold

Minimun thickness:10um

Sample:NO MOQ

OEM/ODM:One-stop Service

Solder mask:Green,Red,Blue,White,Black,Yellow

Screen printing room carbon oil board process control:

The technical control of screen printing room carbon oil board is actually simple and not simple. It is complicated and not complicated. Let's take a look at the following aspects:

1. The operator must wear gloves
2. During the production operation, the technological parameters of each machine and equipment must be in accordance with the relevant operating instructions and must not be arbitrarily changed.
3. The machines and equipment must be clean and free of dust, garbage, oil, and other debris.
4. The screen printing speed and the speed of the ink return suction pressure are controlled in the optimal range. (Based on the printing effect as the inspection basis).
5. Wire mesh, scraper and carbon oil are selected according to the requirements of the engineering MI.
6. Before the use of carbon oil must be stirred evenly, using a viscometer to detect the viscosity within the required range, the ink promptly sealed after use.
7. Before printing, the oil, oxides, and other contaminants on the board surface must be cleaned. All carbon-filled carbon plates must be confirmed by the QA board before they can be officially produced.
8. In the process of screen printing, the operator must at least self-check 2PNL for each printed board, and in particular, increase the number of self-checks.                                                                                                          9. Carbon Oil Drying Temperature 150°C 45 minutes.  Carbon oil hole drying temperature 150°C for 20 minutes, after Carbon oil resistance measurement, carbon oil through hole resistance value should be less than 100 ohms.

10. Carbon wire square resistance is less than 25Ω / mouth (carbon wire length ÷ carbon wire width × 25Ω), carbon oil filling holes Within 2 / 3 or more, according to The drawings of the engineering department and points required by the MI are tested.
11. The operator of the fascia board fills in the temperature amount of each time the board enters the furnace, and the operator shall notify the QA of the carbon resistance check and adhesion test after the furnace is cooled.
12. Each carbon oil screen used up to 2500 prints must be returned to the net room to re-shine the new screen.

One-stop  OEM ODM  PCB/PCBA manufacturer:

We are professional manufacturer in  various Carbon PCB/PCBA with over 10 years experience, we can provide a reasonable price with high quality products.

Production capacity:

production capacity: 35000 m2/month

Double-side boards

Multi-layer boards


3-5 days

5-7 days

New order

7-9 days

8-11 days

Repeat order

5-7 days

7-9 days


Why choose us:

Xinda Electric, one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings you high-tech ±10% 0ω~1kω linearity tolerance ±1%-±5% 1 million cycles cem-1 universal tv remote control carbon printed circuit board assembly at competitive price from its professional factory. With the most advanced technology and high-end equipment introduced from America and Japan, as well as qualified staff, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and long lifespan of our products.


1. May I ask how you guarantee the quality of the products?For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test. Every production process will have the special quality control. 

2. What services can you supply ?
We are a manufacturer  providing OEM PCB and PCBA producing services for more than 10 years. We can provide one stop services from PCB producing, components purchasing, assembly, quality control, ect. 

3. What file we need to prepare if we want to get an quotation from you?
For PCB and FPC quotation, please show us Gerber files and specification.

For PCBA and FPCA quotation, please show us Gerber files, specification and BOM list.


3.  Can I receive samples to test your quality ?
Yes,it is reasonable to get sample to test quality at first,but you should pay for samples,and we will return all sample cost in future mass production if the the gross cost of batch order has reached to a certain amount.

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Tel: +86-0755-29621535 EXT 822

Mol/whatapp: +86-18038188954

Skype: 594432891@qq.com

Email:  sales7@xdpcba.com


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