Automotive Carbon Ink Pcb

Automotive Carbon Ink Pcb
Product Details

1. The base material specification for Carbon ink PCB

 1.1. At present, our PCB high carbon printing and processing substrate materials are mainly divided into the following four categories:

    1.1.1, FR-1: electric wood board, rubber laminated board, cardboard

    1.1.2, CEM-1: (Material content: more paper content)

    1.1.3, CEM-3: (Material content: more cloth content)

    3.1.4, FR-4: fiberglass board (glass fiber board), cloth board

Note: FR-4 is the main board for PCB high carbon printing and processing. Because of its water absorption, high and low temperature resistance, the glass fiber board is better than other plates.


2. The advantage of our Carbon ink PCB

1. PCB high carbon printing and processing technology comes from Japan NOBLE, and the Japanese act as a technical consultant.

  2. Production technology leads other domestic counterparts, close to international famous manufacturers NOBLE, PIHER, etc.

  3. The production equipment is more advanced, sophisticated and complete than other domestic counterparts (30 printing machines. 10 drying furnaces. Carbon paste and silver paste from Japan and the United States).

  4. The production capacity is stronger than other domestic counterparts. (The monthly production capacity can reach 3 million PCS/month)

  5. PCB high carbon printing, processing resistance range, the resistance range from 100Ω~~2MΩ.

  6. The product quality is superior to other domestic counterparts. (There are 11 years of PCB high carbon printing processing production experience, from printing, Baking, stamping, overhaul, testing, packaging and other processes can meet customer requirements)

  7. PCB high carbon printing and processing products cover a wide range of applications, such as auto parts, game consoles, power tools, etc.

  8. The product delivery period is short (usually 15~20 days).

9. PCB circuit board factory can not produce PCB high carbon printing products and our company can produce:

     1). Printed with special carbon paste and silver paste.

     2). The accuracy of the printing equipment is within 0.01mm, and the test and test equipment is self-developed software.

Production, general instrument manufacturers can not provide,

10. Be able to provide customers with fast and efficient industry solutions.

3. The Range of Application

1) . Carbon pcb is widely used in many products such as potentiometer, automotive air conditioning door sensors, automotive wipers, automotive dimmers and resistance type controllers.

2)  3D rocker, potentiometer and guitar, PS2, X-BOX game console handles ;

3) electric drilling device , drilling tools and so on


4. The Production Process

PCB high-carbon printing, processing substrate specifications are as follows:

   1. According to the substrate thickness classification:

      1.1, FR-1: T=0.4, T=1.0, T=1.2, T=1.6

1.2, FR-4: T=0.2, T=0.4, T=0.6, T=0.8, T=1.0, T=1.2, T=1.6

      1.3, CEM-1: T=1.6

      1.4, CEM-3: T=1.6

Ø Special introduction of manufacturing process

1. Our company's PCB high resistance carbon oil  printing materials: carbon paint, silver paint, insulating paint, ink, peelable plastic, etc are imported materials with expensive price, and material cost is the most important cost.


2. PCB printing insulation paint, silver paint, carbon paint, ink, peelable adhesive need to go through 170°C~230°C, after high-temperature sintering and curing, the film is polymerized, and high-temperature ovens and tunnel furnaces are high-power devices (50KW~60KW).


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