Silicon Nitride Gold Paste Optical Communication Devices Ceramic Circuit Board

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Xin Da Xing Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional PCB/PCBA manufactory, aiming at being a world one-station service PCB/PCBA house. Our PCB products range from 2-64 layers with high-frequency and blind,buried vias which are widely applied in automative, industrial, communication, energy fields, Medical, etc. 

Ceramic PCB introduction

A ceramic material is an inorganic, non-metallic, often crystalline oxide, nitride or carbide material. Some elements, such as carbon or silicon, may be considered ceramics. Ceramic materials are brittle, hard, strong in compression, and weak in shearingand tension. They withstand chemical erosion that occurs in other materials subjected to acidic or caustic environments. Ceramics generally can withstand very high temperatures, ranging from 1,000 °C to 1,600 °C (1,800 °F to 3,000 °F). Glass is often not considered a ceramic because of its amorphous (noncrystalline) character. However, glassmaking involves several steps of the ceramic process, and its mechanical properties are similar to ceramic materials.

Silicon nitride is a chemical compound of the elements silicon and nitrogen.Si3N4 is the most thermodynamically stable of the silicon nitrides. Hence, Si3N4 is the most commercially important of the silicon nitrides[4] and is generally understood as what is being referred to where the term "silicon nitride" is used. It is a white, high-melting-point solid that is relatively chemically inert, being attacked by dilute HF and hot H2SO4. It is very hard (8.5 on the mohs scale). It has a high thermal stability.

Silicon nitride ceramics is superior to other materials due to its thermal shock resistance. It does not deteriorate at high temperatures, so it’s used for automotive engines and parts for gas turbines, including the turbocharger rotor.
Ortech offers a complete family of Silicon Nitride materials. These materials have the following key characteristics: No adhesive wear against steel, Twice as hard as tool steel, Good chemical resistance and 60% less weight than steel.

silicon nitride ceramic

silicon nitride ceramic 02


1. Are your all components all original?

A: Yes. We purchase components from original channel. We can guarantee the components quality.

2. How about your customer group?

A:Europe, Russia, the USA and North America and others.

3.What are the main Products of your PCB/PCBA serivce?
A:Our PCB/PCBA serice are mainly for industries including Medical,Automotive,Energy,Metering/POS terminal/Consumer Electronis etc...

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