Zirconia Toughened Alumina Copper Lamination Voltage Regulation System Ceramic PCB Assembly

Zirconia Toughened Alumina Copper Lamination Voltage Regulation System Ceramic PCB Assembly
Product Details

Specifications of Ceramic PCB:

lace of Origin

Guangdong, China

Model Number

ceramic pcb

Number of Layers


Base Material

Al2O3, AIN

Copper Thickness

0.5 OZ-4 OZ

Board Thickness


Min. Hole Size


Min. Line Width


Min. Line Spacing


Surface Finishing

HASL,Immersion Gold,OSP, Immersion Silve, Electrolytic gold

Layer count


Solder mask color


Silkscreen colour



Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch


UL, CQC, TS16949, ISO14000, ROHS

Product name

Trade Assurance Factory professional OEM ceramic pcb

Key Words

ceramic pcb


Electronics Device


One-stop Service

Testing Service

IPC-600 II

Why Ceramic PCB has such excellent performance? 

You can have a brief view on its basic structure and then you will understand.

  • 96% or 98% Alumina (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN), or Beryllium Oxide (BeO)

  • Conductors material: For thin, thick film technology, it'll be silver palladium (AgPd), gold pllladium (AuPd); For DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) it'll be copper only

  • Application temp: -55~850C

  • Thermal conductivity value: 24W~28W/m-K (Al2O3); 150W~240W/m-K for AIN , 220~250W/m-K for BeO;

  • Max compression strength: >7,000 N/cm2

  • Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm): 15/20/28 for 0.25mm/0.63mm/1.0mm respectively

  • Thermal expansion conefficient(ppm/K): 7.4 (under 50~200C)


Our factory is engaged in PCB/PCBA manufacturing and offering different kinds of board service. High reliability, strong diversity and expert advice are our characteristics. Please contact us if you have inquiry.

Ceramic PCBA board application:

1. electric power electronic control module;

2. high insulation & high pressure device

3. high temperature (up to 800C)

4. high power LED

5. High Power semiconductor modules

6. solid state relay (SSR)

7. DC-DC module power sources

Our advantage:

1. Lower expansion coefficient

2. Good thermal properties

3. Superior high frequency performance

4. Lower system cost: reduces test, insertion, assembly

Our process:

Ceramic substrate development trend: 

With the rapid development of led industry, the integrated development of high power density products is becoming market-oriented, and the ceramic substrate industry is also heating up rapidly.

Currently, there are two kinds of led heat dissipation substrates in the market: metal and ceramic substrates. Among them, the majority of led products use metal substrates, because the material of metal substrates is mainly aluminum or copper, with low cost and mature technology. Ceramic substrate is the circuit board of ceramic material with high heat dissipation and chemical stability.

In existing aluminum plate thermal conductivity and insulation meets the requirement of high power products, under the condition of existing high thermal conductive ceramic PCB can meet the requirements of such designs, ceramic and metal thermal contrast, because of the new thermal conductive materials and internal structure, thus eliminating the aluminum metal substrates have various defects, thereby greatly improving the overall heat dissipation effect of substrate.

It is reported that the current ceramic substrate refers to the high temperature copper foil directly bonded to aluminum nitride (aln) or alumina (al2o3) ceramic substrate surface (single or double) on the special process plate. The ultra-thin composite substrate made by this process has excellent electrical insulation performance, high thermal conductivity, high adhesion strength and excellent soft brazing, and can etch a variety of patterns, with strong current carrying capacity.

At the same time, ceramic substrate has become the basic material of interconnection technology and high-power power electronic circuit structure, and is gradually replacing aluminum substrate.

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