Ceramic alumina substrate PCB board for electronic power supply

Ceramic alumina substrate PCB board for electronic power supply
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Ceramic PCB

XingDa Electric technology Co. LTD offers ceramic PCB for your printed circuit boards needs. Many users of printed circuit boards find ceramic PCBs have an advantage over traditional boards made of other materials. This is because they provide suitable substrates for electronic circuits that have a high thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient (CTE). The multilayer ceramic PCBis extremely versatile and can replace a complete traditional printed circuit board with a less complex design and increased performance. You can use them for high-power circuits, chip-on-board modules, proximity sensors and more.


Layers: 2
Board thickness: 1.0mm

Min hole size: 0.2mm

Min track width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm

Copper thickness: 1 OZ

Solder mask: White

Silkscreen: Black

Surface finishing: ENIG

Producing Method: Hot pressing /Dry pressing



1.Electric appliance industry/Automotive industry/Mechanical industry

2.Engineering industry/Electrical heating element industry/LED Lighting Industry

Testing procedures for PCB board:

1.Visual Inspection

2. Flying probe

3. Impedance control

4. AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


Following specifications are needed for quotation:


2.Base material

3.Board thickness

4.Copper thickness

5.Surface treatment

6.Color of solder mask and silkscreen


Main Export Markets:

North America

Western Europe



Central/South America

Eastern Europe

Mid East/Africa



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