2-Layer Flexible PCB Gold Finger FPC

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Product Details


Product detail:
This industrial flexi board is a regular 2 layer flex circuit made of 2 mil  Panasonic material.
The surface finish is ENIG+30 u" gold fingers. We also provide the gold fingers surface finish options include soft gold+ gold finger, immersion Tin+gold finger, immersion sliver+gold finger, OSP +gold finger.
For the 4 mil Min trace width for the 1OZ outer layer finished copper, it is a good capability for us. We can even make the 3.5/3.5mil Min. line width and space.

Reliability and Durability – A flexible circuit can move and flex up to 500 million times without a failure, in designs that have moving parts. The exceptional thermal stability of polyimide also allows the circuit to withstand applications with extreme heat. The thermal stability of  polyimide provides a better base for surface mounting than hard boards. Because the compliant base film places less stress on soldered joints, a thermal mismatch is less likely to occur.

Point-to-Point Wire Replacement – Depending on the number of point-to-point connections in a circuit design, at Flexible Circuit, we guarantee that we can design and build a single flex circuit that can eliminate many (if not all) of those interconnections. At Flexible Circuit, “We Go Where Others Will Not.”


Basic Info

  • Material: Polyester Film

  • Application: Digital Products, Computer with LCD Screen, Mobile Phone, Aviation and Aerospace, Display Screen

  • Base Material: Membrane

  • Copper Thickness: 35um

  • Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm

  • Min. Line Spacing: 0.25mm

  • Specification: Normal

  • HS Code: 85340090

  • Structure: Double-Sided FPC


Testing Procedures For FPC Board

---We perform multiple quality assuring procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

* Visual Inspection

* Flying probe

* Bed of nails

· * Impedance control

· * Solder-ability detection

* Digital metallograghic microscope

· *AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)



1.Could you do Isola/Rogers PCB? 

RE:Yes. However we don’t have material on stock and the purchasing material time will take 4 weeks.

2.Could you do Hard gold finish?

RE: Yes. We made golden finger finish, selected gold finish and electrify Gold finish before.

3.Do you have surface finishing by yourself?

RE: Yes.We only make OSP finish by ourselves. Other surface finish outsource to our partners.


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