Flex Pcb Making

Flex Pcb Making
Product Details

We can produce all kinds of Flex PCB and get 100% satisfaction from our clients!

FPC Production Capacity

Layer: 1-4L

Base Material: Polyimide

Material Thickness(mm): 0.1-0.5mm

Board Outline Tolerance: ±0.25mm

Minimum line Width: 0.05mm

Mini  Hole Size(mechanical): 0.15mmPTH

Mini PTH Hole ring: 0.45mm

Min.Gap between Cover Layer and Pad: 0.1mm

Min.Gap between Trace and outline: 0.2mm

Trace width tolerance: ±0.03mm,W±30%

Hole size Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Contours: Scored, Routed, Punched

Surface Finishing: HAL,lead-free HAL,ENIG,Plated Gold,Immersion Silver,OSP

1--2L Lead Time: 3-7 days

4--18L Lead Time: 7-10 days

Acceptable File Format: Gerber file, Powerpcb, CAD, AUTOCAD, ORCAD, P-CAD, CAM-350, CAM2000

Quality Standards: IPC-A-600H Class2

Certificate: ISO9001:2008,UL

FPC products


Equipment of Pcb factory

Our advantage

Quick response & delivery  

Cheaper while good quality   

Small quantity runs  

Certified manufacturing capacity

FPC Applications

1. Display, Notebook PC & Tablet PC, Flat panel display

2. Printer, Scanner, FAX machine, Copier

3. Robot, Industrial, Projector, Handy terminal, Amusement  

4. Car electronics

5. AV equipment, Medical equipment, Digital measurement instrument  

Packing & Payment



Q1: What kind of file need be provided to get price?

Please provide Gerber file and manufacturing specification. Any detail is also welcomed if no Gerber file.

Q2: What is the payment?

For new customer, it is 100% prepayment, for old customer, we accept some prepayment and some before shipping.(There will be a way to start cooperation.)

Q3: What is the quality guarantee?

In one year, If no man-made damage, we will replace new components and repair board for free.(Electronic test and functional test will be done before shipping)


Please contact with us for more information:

Ms. Sicen Hu


Mobile phone:+86-15919900196

Skype: xingdapcbsales3

Email: sales3@xdpcba.com 


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