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From prototype to flexible PCB manufacturing, Xinda offers you all the flexibility and rigorous PCB requirements. Our knowledge and experience in manufacturing this particular type of board gives us a competitive edge in the PCB industry. We have 100% new and original suppliers. You can rely on us at any time.

LED flexible strip specifications:

The LED flexible strips are assembled by FPC and assembled with SMD LEDs. The thickness of the product is only one coin thickness and does not take up space. The general specification is 30 cm long, 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs and 50 cm long. 15 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, etc. are also available in 60 cm, 80 cm, etc. Different users have different specifications.

How to identify the quality of flex led strip circuit boards:

The LED flexible belt market is mixed, and the prices of ordinary manufacturers and cottage products vary widely. If the quality of LED strips is technically determined, I am afraid many customers do not have this capability. But we can make a preliminary identification from a simple appearance, which basically distinguishes the quality.

It can be identified mainly from the following aspects:

1. Look at the solder joints. LED strips produced by conventional LED strip manufacturers are produced by solder paste and reflow soldering using the SMT chip process. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strips are relatively smooth and the amount of soldering is small, and the solder joints extend from the FPC pads to the curved shape of the LED electrodes.

2. Look at the quality of the FPC. FPC is divided into copper and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper plate is convex. Look closely and you can see it from the connection between the pad and the FPC. The rolled copper is tightly bonded to the FPC and can be bent freely without peeling off the mat. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off, and if the temperature is too high during maintenance, the pad will fall.

3. Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED strip. If the LED strips produced by the SMT process are clean, the surface is very clean and free of impurities or stains. However, if the cottage version of the LED strip produced by the manual soldering process, no matter how clean, the surface will remain dyed and cleaned.

4. Look at the packaging. Regular LED strips will be packaged in anti-static coils, typically 5 or 10 meters, and then sealed with an anti-static moisture-proof bag. The cabin version of the LED strip will use a recycled coil tray for cost savings, then there is no anti-static moisture-proof pouch, take a closer look at the coil tray and see the traces and scratches left on the label.

5. Look at the label. Labels are printed on regular LED strips and reels instead of printed labels.

6. See the attachment. Conventional LED strips will be accompanied by instructions for use and light bar specifications, as well as LED strip connectors or decks; the cottage version of the LED strip box does not have these accessories, as some manufacturers can still save power.

What are the advantages of FPC light strip?

1. Safety: the Led soft light strip USES low-voltage dc 12v power supply voltage, so it is very safe to use.No matter the old or the young, they can be used safely without causing safety hazards.

2. Environmental protection: both LED and FPC are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are recyclable and won't cause pollution or damage to the environment due to heavy use.

3. Softness: the LED soft light strip adopts a very soft FPC as the substrate, which can be bent arbitrarily without breaking, and is easy to shape, suitable for various advertising modeling needs.

4. Low calorific value: the light emitting element of LED soft strip is LED. Since the power of a single LED is very low, generally 0.04-0.08w, the calorific value is not high.

5. Super energy saving: the power per meter of LED soft strip 1210 is only 4.8w, while the power per meter of LED soft strip 5050 is 7.2w. Compared with traditional lighting and decorative lamps, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better.

Production process:


1. Do you have FPC factory?

A: Yes. We have our own FPC factory.

2. Do you offer prototyping? What is the delivery time?
A: We can prepare samples and mass production. The fastest delivery time for double-sided samples is one day. 

3. How is your quality?
A: We test PCBs and PCBA 100% before delivery.

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