Flexible Circuit Board Repair

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The most common types of damage in flexible circuits include tearing or cutting flexible materials, heat damaged/lifted pads, and damaged conductors. The torn or cut flexible material can be repaired by adding a replacement Katon™ or supporting and bonding the damaged area. XD restoration craftsmen have experience in repairing each of these types of bending problems. The raised pads and conductors can be placed back in place and oxidized to the appropriate position to return the flexible assembly to a functional state. Flexible circuit repair requires careful and careful work because Katon™ flexible circuits are susceptible to tearing and damage when thin.

Figure 1- Ripped Flex Circuit Material

Figure 2- Flex Circuit Material Post Repair

If your flexible circuit repair project requires precision machining of flexible materials, then XD is your choice for flexible circuit repair. We have several lasers on site that allow us to precisely cut, score and burn flexible materials. We have been working on Katon™ laser processing projects, including flexible circuit repair for nearly 10 years. XD is the source of such processing projects.


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