Fpc Flexible Printed Circuit

Product Details

Specifications of FPC:

Product name


Board Thickness


Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 2oz

Min. Hole Size


Layers of FPC

1 to 6 Layers

Surface Finishing

ENIG,OSP,HASL,Tin; plated silver;immersion silver




One stop service provided

Blind or Buried Vias


Impedance Control


Circuit to edge(hard tool/die cut)


Edge to edge(hard tool/die cut)


Hole to edge(hard tool/die cut)


Application of FPC: 

1. Flexible PCBs In Computer Electronics

Computer electronics today tend to be small and thin and can sometimes reach high temperatures. You can find flexible circuit boards in many other consumer electronics applications as well including televisions, gaming systems, printers and microwaves.

2. Flexible PCBs in Automotive Electronics

When it comes to modern automobiles, the majority of their electronic hardware uses flexible printed circuit boards. This includes EMUs (engine management units or computers), anti-lock braking systems, air bag controllers, instrument panels and dash systems and much more.

3. Flexible PCBs In Smartphones

Smartphones are perfect candidates for flexible circuit boards. They are handheld, so they need to remain small, lightweight and portable. A single, thin-layer board is needed to connect and sync up all core components.

4. Flexible PCBs in the Medical Field

Flex PCBs are crucial for pharmaceutical and medical applications, especially when those circuits must survive extreme conditions inside human body.

Researchers have also developed a process for printing circuitry onto a flexible, organic material that can be implanted in the body to create more realistic prosthetic limbs. This new material is even more flexible than typical flexible PCBs, allowing it to move naturally without becoming damaged.

Flex-Rigid PCB Applications:

For quite some time, flex-rigid PCB were primarily used in the military and in aerospace industries. More recently, though, flex-rigid PCB industries have adapted board designs and circuitry for use in consumer products. Additionally, flex-rigid PCBs may be what you need when motion is necessary, yet durability is also a factor. Here are some of the most common applications for these PCBs.

Flex-Rigid PCB Applications | PCBCart

1. Flex-Rigid PCBs In Medical Wearables

Many of these wearables use flex-rigid boards. A combination of flexible and stiff components is used because the devices need to be small and lightweight, yet it's vital they operate reliability under the stress of everyday activity. The added rigid layers provide the necessary dependability that keeps these electronics going even in demanding situations.

2. Industrial Applications of Flex-Rigid PCBs

Flex-rigid board design allows sensors to be much smaller and thinner than they could be with rigid boards. This opens up new opportunities in the industrial space for how these sensors can be used. For instance, the ideal location for these sensors could be a small or irregularly-shaped space that they couldn't fit in without the use of a more flexible or smaller component.

Flexible PCB Process Flow Chart:


Company Brief Introduction:

Xinda has about 10 rich experience in PCB/PCBA manufacture. Based depend on good production advantage, and company with produce, research and development, sales, technical service together that have many rich production experience of the FPC board . Also have strong scientific research and development team and technicians, advanced quality inspection division, senior engineer, etc of the flexible board.

Xinda is committed to the principle of "customer first, fast delivery and good after-sale service ". If you have any questions and any demand of FPC, please contact us without any hesitation. We promise you not offering only our qualified products, but also designing, prompt delivery, the most competitive prices and all solution.

Our Advantages:

Business Type:  Manufacturer, Factory.

Advanced technology;100% Virgin pure Raw materials;Each product through the strict inspections and confirm to the requirements of the lab parameters;OEM & ODM are welcomed;Small order is acceptable;Flexible payment terms (L/C,T/T, western union, etc);Provide custom made service with customer's drawing; Other size could be offered by your requirements;We make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your individual case. Whether standard items or non-standard items all available;Fast delivery and high quality;Best after-sale service.



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