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Product Details

Double sided flexible circuit (FPC) consists of double-sided copper clad material with top and bottom cover films (PI or Green/Yellow Oil, Carbon Ink, etc).  Two conductive layers with an insulating layer between, plus conver layers on outer layer. The cover films are pre-routed to access copper from both sides using plated thru holes(PTH).


FPC Tech Specification




FPC:1 to 6 Layers, Rigid Flex: 2 to 10 Layers

Regular Base Materials

Kapton,Polyimide(PI), Polyester(PET),

Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 8oz

Regular Base Material Thickness

12.5um to 50um(FPC)

0.1mm to 3.2mm(Rigid)

Regular Coverlay Thickness

27um to 50um

Regular Adhesive Thickness

12um to 25um

Blind or Buried Vias


Impedance Control


Min.Line Width/Spacing


Characteristics of product

  • This is the FPC that turns on the electric current in circuits on front and rear sides by through-hole plating.
  • More complex wiring is available than single sided FPC.
  • As the parts can be mounted on both surfaces, it is possible to use the space effectively.
  • The minute part to be mounted on surface can be mounted without reinforcing board.

Quality control FPC:
1. E-test for FPC.

2. IQC for components.

3. AOI test

4. FPCA function test

5. FQC


We can provide FPCA for prototypes, small volume and mass production.

Our one-stop service for FPC(A):

1. FPC circuit boards.

2. E-test for FPC.

3. Electronic components purchasing.

4. IQC for components.

5. AOI test

6. FPC assembly: available on SMT, BGA, DIP.

7. FPCA function test.

8. Enclosure assembly


  • Optical Pick-up for A/V & Computer ( or CD-RW & DVD-RW)

  • Digital( or CCD ) Camera

  • LCD Module for Mobile Phone

  • Vibration Motor for Mobile Phone

Double Sided FPC Structure

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