Flexible Pcb Assembly Process

Flexible Pcb Assembly Process
Product Details


Mobile phone

Emphasis on the light weight and thin thickness of the flexible circuit board can effectively save the product volume, easily connect the battery, microphone, and the button into one.

Computer and LCD screen

Utilizes the integrated circuit configuration of the flexible circuit board, and the thin thickness. Turns the digital signal into a picture and presents it through the LCD screen.

CD Walkman

Focus on the three-dimensional space assembly characteristics and thin thickness of flexible circuit boards. Turn huge CD into a companion

Disk drive

Whether it's a hard disk or a floppy disk, it relies heavily on the high softness of the FPC and the ultra-thin thickness of 0.1mm for fast reading. Whether it's PC or NOTEBOOK.

Flexible pcb assembly process reference parameter:

Finished thickness




Board thickness≤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm

1<Board thickness≤2.0mm: +/-10%

Board thickness>2.0mm: +/-8%

Max panel size

≤2sidesPCB: 600*1500mm

Multilayer PCB: 500*1200mm

Min conductor line width/spacing

Inner layers: ≥3/3mil

Outer layers: ≥3.5/3.5mil

Min hole size

Mechanical hole: 0.15mm

Laser hole: 0.1mm


Drilling precision: first drilling

First drilling: 1mil

Second drilling: 4mil


Board thickness≤0.79mm: β≤1.0%

0.80≤Board thickness≤2.4mm: β≤0.7%

Board thickness≥2.5mm: β≤0.5%

Fexible pcb assembly process:

Double side board:

Unloading → Drilling → PTH → Plating → Pre-treatment → Dry film → Alignment → Exposure → Development → Pattern plating → Stripping → Pre-treatment → Sticking dry film → Registration exposure → Development → Etching → Stripping → Surface treatment → Cover film → Press → Curing → Nickel gold → Printed characters → Cut → Electrical test → Punching → Final inspection → Packaging → Shipping

Single side board:

Unloading → Drilling → Drying film → Alignment → Exposure → Development → Etching → Stripping → Surface treatment → Cover film → Pressing → Curing → Surface treatment → Nickel gold → Printed characters → Shear → Electrical test → Punching Cut → final inspection → packaging → shipping

We also can provide you below service:

FPC/PCB design

Reverse Engineering-FPC copy, FPC clone,

Quick prototyping


Additional service:

Components sourcing and purchasing

FPC making Mold making

and plastic injection

PCB, PCBA SMD, SMT assembly

Supply chain service

Production workshop:

Contact below:
mobile phone:+86-15919935669
Skype: xingdapcbsales10
Email: sales10@xdpcba.com
Website:  www.xdpcba.com

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