ffc fpc connector cable

ffc fpc connector cable
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ffc fpc connector cable application:

1. FPC connector is mainly used in: liquid crystal display, scanner, and other electronic equipment.

2. Computer motherboard, LCD, telecommunications card, memory, mobile hard drive, including mobile devices. Mobile devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and laptops are increasingly using impact-resistant back-lock mechanism connectors when using FPC connectors.

3. Automotive electronic connectors, car GPS navigation, medical equipment, products are widely used in audio, digital cameras, video cameras, car audio, televisions, typewriters, calculators, cash registers, telephones, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, Copiers, printers, wireless instrumentation, video equipment and aerospace products high-tech pioneers.

ffc fpc connector cable production parameter:


工艺能 Capability


1 to 8 Layers

常用基材Regular Base Materials

Kapton, Polyimide (PI) , Polyester (PET)

基材铜厚Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 8oz


Regular Base Material Thickness

1 layer FPC: 0.06mm--0.1mm +/-0.03mm

2 layers FPC: 0.1mm--0.23mm +/-0.03mm


Regular Cover lay Thickness

27um to 50um

常规胶厚度Regular Adhesive Thickness

12um to 25um

/盲孔Blind or Buried Vias


特性阻抗Impedance Control


最小线宽/线距Min.Line Width/Spacing

12um copper thickness

minimum trace and gap is 0.05mm/0.05mm

18um copper thickness

minimum trace and gap is 0.06mm/0.06mm

35um copper thickness

minimum trace and gap is 0.07mm/0.07mm

表面处理Surface Finishing


外形加工方式Outline Fabrication

Die cut, laser cut

Hole to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Edge to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Circuit to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)



To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:

•Complete GERBER files


•Turn time

•Parameter Requirements

•Finish requirements

Your custom quote will be delivered in just 2-24 hours, depending on the design complexity.


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ffc fpc connector cable production process:


We also can provide below service:

1. FPC/PCB design

2. Reverse Engineering-FPC copy, FPC clone,

3. Quick prototyping


Additional service

1. Components sourcing and purchasing

2. FPC making Mold making and plastic injection

3. PCB, PCBA SMD, SMT assembly

4. Supply chain service



1. AOI Testing

--Check for line width and spacing

--Check for solder paste

--Check for components down to 0201"

--Check for missing components, off set, incorrect parts, polarity

2. X-RAY Testing

--Check for the BGAS

--Check for the Micro BGAS

--Check for the chip scale packages

--Check for the Bare board

3. IN-Circuit Testing

4. Power-up Test

5. Function Test

6. Flash device programming

fpc flat cable production workshop:



If you have any question, please contact me at any time:

Ms. Sicen Hu


Mobile phone:+86-15919900196

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Email: sales3@xdpcba.com 

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