Flexible Circuit

Flexible Circuit
Product Details

FPC Specification:

Base material: PI, PET, PEN,FR-4

Copper thickness:1/3oz-2oz

Board thickness:0.05-2.5mm

Min.Hole Size:8mil

Min.Line Width:4mil

Min.Line Spacing:4mil

Surface Finishing: Lead-free, ENIG Gold, OSP, etc



1) Reduced size&weight

Compared to standard printed circuit boards,  flex circuits provide a dramatic decrease in package size and weight. 

2) Solution to interconnect challenges

Interconnect problems can often be solved by flex circuits, which integrate the interconnects into the part. 

3) Reduction in assembly costs

With the interconnections built into the flex circuit, fewer connectors are required, and thus less soldering

4) High performance & flexibility

Certain applications simply require circuits that can flex. 



Flexible circuits are used in cell phones, LCD televisions, antennas, and laptops. Flexible circuits have evolved and help provide durability and reliability. Flexible circuits are also used in the aviation field






1. PCB Assembly on SMT and DIP

2. PCB schematic drawing/layout/producing

3. PCBA clone/change board

4.100% E-Test


Production process:




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Email: sales1@xdpcba.com sales12@xdpcba.com sales8@xdpcba.com 

Website:  www.xdpcba.com 


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