About PCB

Printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as printed circuit board, English referred to as PCB (printed circuit board) or PWB (printed wiring board) to insulation board for the substrate, cut into a certain size, (E.g., component hole, fastening hole, metallization hole, etc.) for replacing the chassis of the conventional electronic component, and realizing the interconnection between the electronic components, and at least one conductive pattern is attached. Since this board is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board. It is impractical to call a "printed circuit board" a "printed circuit" because there is no "printed element" on the printed circuit board and only wiring. Its development has been more than 100 years of history, its design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using the circuit board is to greatly reduce the wiring and assembly errors, improve the level of automation and production labor rate.

Over the past decade, China Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board, referred to as PCB)manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, the total output value, the total output of both the highest in the world. With the rapid development of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of supply chain. China has become the most important production base of printed circuit board in the world because of its distribution, cost and market advantage.

The development of printed circuit boards from single-layer to double-sided, multi-layer and flexible board, and continue to high-precision, high density and high reliability direction. Continuously reduce the volume, reduce costs, improve performance, making printed circuit board in the future development of electronic products, still maintain a strong vitality.

The future development trend of printed circuit board manufacturing technology in the performance to the high-density, high precision, small diameter, fine wire, small spacing, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, lightweight, thin direction.