Development advantage Analysis of horizontal Electroplating

               Development advantage Analysis of horizontal Electroplating

       The development of horizontal electroplating technology is not accidental, but high density, high precision, multi-function, high aspect ratio multi-layer printed circuit board products special function needs, It is an inevitable result. Its advantage is that it is more advanced than the current vertical hanging plating process, the product quality is more reliable, and can achieve large-scale production.

       Compared with the vertical electroplating process, it has the following advantages:

       (1) it is suitable for a wide range of dimensions, does not need to carry out manual mounting and hanging, and realizes all automatic operations, which can improve and ensure that the working process has no damage to the surface of the substrate, and is extremely beneficial to the realization of large-scale production.

      (2) in the process review, there is no need to leave clamping position, increase the practical area, greatly save the loss of raw materials.

      (3) horizontal electroplating is controlled by computer in the whole process to ensure the uniformity of coating on the surface and hole of each printed circuit board under the same conditions.

      (4) From the point of view of management, electroplating bath from cleaning, plating bath addition and replacement, can completely realize the automation operation, will not be caused by human error management out of control problem.

      (5) from the practical production, it can be seen that because horizontal electroplating adopts multi-stage horizontal cleaning, the amount of cleaning water is saved greatly and the pressure of sewage treatment is reduced.

      (6) since the system uses closed operation, it reduces the direct impact of pollution on the working space and the evaporation of heat on the technological environment, and greatly improves the working environment, especially when drying boards, because of the reduction of heat loss, It saves the unnecessary energy consumption and greatly improves the production efficiency.

      The appearance of horizontal electroplating technology is to meet the needs of high aspect ratio through hole electroplating, but because of the complexity and particularity of electroplating process, There are still some technical problems in the design and development of horizontal electroplating system, which need to be improved in practice. It is still a great development and progress for the printed circuit industry, because this type of equipment has shown great potential in the manufacture of high density multilayer boards. It not only saves manpower and working time, Moreover, the speed and efficiency of production are higher than those of the traditional vertical electroplating line, and the energy consumption is reduced, the waste water and waste gas that need to be treated are reduced, and the process environment and conditions are greatly improved. Improve the quality of electroplating layer. Horizontal electroplating line is suitable for large production 24 hours uninterrupted operation. Although horizontal electroplating line is a little more difficult than vertical electroplating line in debugging, it is very stable once debugging is finished. At the same time, the plating bath should be monitored and adjusted at any time during use to ensure a long and stable operation.