Application of magnetic reflow soldering tray in reflow soldering

Application of magnetic reflow soldering tray in reflow soldering


The magnetic reflow soldering tray, that is, the magnetic fixture, is made of imported aluminum substrate inlaid with magnetic material, which can completely solve the phenomenon of FPC and FPCB reflow soldering: the deformation of the circuit board, and the use of ordinary treatment of the silicone fixture with a limited service life.



1. Select imported alloy material: good flatness, stable at high temperature

2. High temperature resistant magnet (300 degrees) guarantees permanent magnet reflow process

3. Special steel sheet, magnetic treatment, good elasticity, no deformation at high temperature



1. Because the steel sheet is flattened on the surface of the FPC, the FPC reduces the flow of solder during reflow, ensuring stable welding quality and reducing defects.

2. Guaranteed pallet life in material selection

3. Simple operation, convenient and high stability

4. Insulation to prevent FPC deformation


Comparison: magnetic reflow tray versus silica gel plate

1. Stability: The magnetic reflow soldering tray is flattened to the FPC in the magnetic state of the steel sheet. It is a physical process. The magnetic properties can be increased or decreased according to requirements, and will not be changed due to temperature, time and other factors. The silica gel plate is chemically affected and will change under conditions of temperature, time, etc., and the stability is insufficient. In particular, the viscosity decreases after a certain period of use, and the viscosity decreases when it is not cleaned during use, causing deformation of the substrate during FPC over-reflow, affecting the quality of welding.

2. Lifetime: The material used in the magnetic reflow soldering tray, the working principle is the physical process, all of which are high temperature resistant materials, as long as they are not damaged and accidental, they can be used permanently. During the use of the silica gel plate, a chemical process is used, and the silica gel material will age during use, including no more than 1000 reflows of Japanese materials. The cost is very high.

3. Quality: The magnetic reflow soldering tray protects the FPC at the same time during operation, and does not damage the FPC when the board is taken. The silica gel plate has a certain viscosity during the use process to ensure the flatness of the FPC, but it will stick to the PPC when the plate is taken, resulting in difficulty in taking the plate and deformation of the FPC.


Magnetic reflow tray compared to ordinary tray

1. Quality: Because the steel sheet is flattened on the surface of FPC, with magnetic reflow soldering tray, the flow of solder is reduced during FPC reflow, ensuring stable welding quality and reducing defects. Ordinary pallets can only use high-temperature adhesive tape around them. During the reflow process, the FPC is easily deformed in the middle, and the tin water overflows, resulting in poor welding, affecting the quality. At the same time, the magnetic reflow soldering tray can reduce the difficulty of picking up the board and deforming the FPC caused by the high temperature adhesive tape sticking to the PPC when the board is taken.

2. Cost: with magnetic reflow soldering tray, its easy to use, and it can reduce the former personnel and the back section of tearing paper, while reducing the amount of high temperature adhesive paper. For mass production products, it has an advantage as the investment at a time is large.