Automotive electronics FPC flexible circuit board new blue sea

At present, the automotive industry has two important development directions, namely, intelligence and motorization. ADAS and new energy vehicles are two-wheel drive, and the growth trend of automotive electronics is obvious. FPC flexible circuit boards are increasingly popular in automotive electronics due to their small size, light weight, ease of assembly and resistance to bending. FPC can be used for low-level body devices or vehicle-mounted devices, such as LED lights, gearboxes, sensors, BMS, car display, entertainment information systems, and the layers are mainly divided into 2 layers and 3 layers. Driven by ADAS and new energy vehicles, FPC flexible circuit boards are widely used in automotive electronics.

As a transition to full smart driving, ADAS has become the new strategic commanding point for major automakers and cross-border Internet giants to compete, covering almost all driving and safety-related systems throughout the vehicle. With the rapid spread of ADAS, the level of automotive electronics will be comprehensively improved; and new energy vehicles represent the direction of automotive electrification, and the requirements for electronic degrees are higher than those of traditional automobiles, and electronic equipment is traditionally advanced. The cost of a car is about 25%, while that of a new energy car is 45%-65%. The unique power control system makes FPC flexible boards more expensive than traditional cars. ADAS and new energy vehicles are growing rapidly. Under two-wheel drive, the automotive electronics market has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 15% in recent years. Accordingly, the market for FPC flexible circuit boards for vehicles continues to grow. According to the Kabor Technology Market Survey, the output value of vehicle FPC in 2018 exceeded $2 billion, and the growth trend is very obvious. Emerging demand such as automotive electronics will be the main growth driver for FPC flexible circuit boards in the future. The global electronics industry has entered the market platform period, and the growth momentum of FPC soft boards will gradually shift to emerging demand such as automotive electronics.