CAM process organization

Now up to dozens of popular CAD software on the market, so for CAD management process must first proceed from the Organization, good organization will achieve a multiplier effect.

As Gerber data format has become the standard Gerber, Gerber in the process as a whole should take for processing Gerber data objects. If the following problems will arise to CAD data as objects.

1. so many different types of CAD software, if the various technological requirements are completed in the CAD software, requires each operator must be familiar with each of the CAD software operations. This will require a long period of training, to enable operators to become skilled workers to meet production requirements.

The time and economic aspects are not cost-effective.

2. many due process requirements, certain requirements for certain CAD software is impossible. Because CAD software is designed to do with, without taking into account the special requirements in the process and therefore cannot meet all requirements. CAM software is designed to process,

Do these work best.

3. CAM software is powerful, but all operate on Getber file and CAD file operations cannot be.

4. If treatment with CAD, each operator is required to be equipped with all the CAD software, and each kind of CAD software and a different process requirements. This will cause unnecessary confusion to the management.

Above, the CAM must be of the following structure (especially in large and medium enterprises).

(1) all of the unified processing Gerber data to process the object.

(2) every operator shall master the skill of CAD data is converted Gerber data.

(3) every operator must master one or more CAM software to do this.

(4) on the uniform of Gerber data file specifications.

CAM relative concentration of operations can be handled by several operators to manage. Legitimate organizations will greatly enhance management efficiency, productivity, and reduce the error rate, so as to achieve the effect of improving the quality of products.