Carbon oil PCB

1. Features

Carbon Circuit Board PCB with SMT Assembly


1. One Stop OEM Service, Made in Shenzhen of China

2. Manufactured by Gerber File and BOM List from Customer

3. FR4 Material, Meet 94V0 standard

4. SMT, DIP technology suport

5. Lead Free HASL, Environmental Protection

6. UL, CE, ROHS Compliant

7. Shipping By DHL,UPS, TNT, EMS or Customer requirement



2. Product Show

Carbon Circuit Board PCB with SMT Assembly

  China Shenzhen OEM electronic Printed circuit board manufacturer, PCB board SMT assembly PCBA


3. About Us

Carbon Circuit Board PCB with SMT Assembly


XD is an PCB&PCBA manufacturer for global partener nearly 10 years. High quality, reasonable price, on time delivery,  good after-sale service are the promises we give to customers.

We offer PCB Design, PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly service to globe. With the company's continuous expanding of business, to meet customers' needs, We recruited more engineers and technicians,imported advanced facility, Upgraded to an completly EMS manufacturers, Provide our Clients with one-stop electronics manufacturing services. Our EMS service including PCB Design&Engneer Service, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, PCBA, Electronic Mechannical Assembly, Box-build&Cable Assembly, Functional Tests, Labeling, Bar coding, Packaging, Materials Purchasing, Warranty Management Support. Our clients industry come from Aviation Industry, Network Rail, Computer, communication and information technology companies, Security and alarm industries, Process control industry, Telecommunications, Music industry, Automotive, Medical.Hope we can creat more value for our clients.


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